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defy gravity♥ [entries|friends|calendar]

mallory dana♥

it seems worth the wait to see your smile again
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[19 Oct 2004|04:15pm]
So I'm a little left of center
I'm a little out of tune
Some say I'm paranormal
So I just bend their spoon
Who wants to be ordinary
In a crazy, mixed-up world
I don't care what they're sayin'
As long as I'm your girl

Hey, you are on my side
And they, they just roll their eyes

You get me
When nobody understands
You come and take the chance, baby
You get me
You look inside my wild mind
Never knowing what you'll find
And still you want me all the time
Yeah, you do
Yeah, you get me

So what if I see the sunshine
In the pouring rain
Some people think I'm crazy
But you say it's okay
You've seen my secret garden
Where all of my flowers grow
In my imagination
Anything goes

I, I am all you want
They, they just read me wrong

You get me
When nobody understands
You come and hold my hand, baby
You get me
You look inside my wild mind
Never knowing what you'll find
Still you want me all the time
Yeah, you do
'Cause you get me

Hey, you are on my side
They, they just roll their eyes
Yeah, yeah, yeah

'Cause you get me
When nobody understands
You come and take the chance, baby
You get me
When none of the pieces fit
You make sense of it
You get me
You look inside my wild mind
Never knowing what you'll find
And still I want you all the time
Yeah, I do
'Cause you get me
Yeah, oh, yeah, oh

♥2 months

my oh my oh my oh my oh my BOOOOOO [17 Oct 2004|06:19pm]
[ mood | as usual ]

ok heres the step by step guide to my amazing 3 day weekend that almost made it worth while to live in moco.

THURSDAY NIGHT♥ picture zaras 7th grade sleepover party with 18 obnoxious girls..how could that possibly be fun? SLUT TIMEE!!! brodsky and i partied like we were 12 and took pleanty of pics to show it

FRIDAY♥ saw friday night lights and went to the mall with the QUAD

FRIDAY NIGHT♥hodins sweet 16..LMJDHS always baby! great night im so glad you had a nice time and got to see jaym :)

SATURDAY♥spent the day in friendship heights/bethesda with alAson! best day in a long time! i love her so much..cant belive how many times i almost cried from laughing lol thanks for introducing me to the the real world (outside of elite potomac)

SATURDAY NIGHT♥ napoleon quad party at my twins. fun sleepover bonding. i love the quad (not the fab 4 eps! thats gayy)**

SUNDAY♥work with my little jews..2nd graders--you gotta love 'em then i ahavah the 80s! it was so much fun and they really did a good job. i love my MITs soo much..linds i cant believe it :)

SUNDAY NIGHT♥now its pracitcly sunday night and ive done homework and i just need to continue to study by non-existant ass off in francais so i can get an A so i can get a B and have a gormet dinner since my daddy is back from aussie/new zealand..then american dreams..yayy

comment lovers..cant wait for the 4 day week to be over so i can go to NEW YORK CITY with my jew crew! yayyyy xox


[15 Oct 2004|11:27am]
[ mood | thirsty ]

The strands in your eyes that color them wonderful
Stop me and steal my breath
And emeralds from mountains, the thrust towards the sky
Never revealing their depth
And Tell me that we belong together
Dress it up with the trappings of love
I'll be captivated, I'll hang from your lips
Instead of the gallows of heartache that hang from above
And I'll Be your cryin' shoulder
I'll Be loves suicide
And I'll Be better when I'm older
I'll Be the greatest fan of your life
And rain falls angry on the tin roof
As we lie awake in my bed
And You're My Survival, You're My Living Proof
My love is alive and not dead
Tell me that we belong together
Dress it up with the trappings of love
I'll be captivated, I'll hang from your lips
Instead of the gallows of heartache that hang from above
Well I've dropped out,
I've burned up,
I'm on my way back from the dead
Tuned in,
Turned on,
Remembered the things that you said
And I'll Be your cryin' shoulder
I'll Be loves suicide
And I'll Be better when I'm older
I'll Be the greatest fan of your life
The greatest fan of your life.

well so far this 3 day weekend has been amazing. the 7th grade party was mucho fun with the love of my life: lauren brodsky. ahh baby i loveyou soooo much!! everything was so much fun with you and i hope it stays that way forever!! we made thehottest shirts known to mad kind and get siked to see the slutyness on monday.

today is movie day with the Quad since theres no candy apples or hay rides when you go pumpkin hunting durring the week.

tonite is my baby girls sweet 16! hunny im so happy for you! LMJDHS ALWAYS AND FOREVER! <33 always here lovely

*everything is all good..always my booo*

havnt written about miss landsman in a while<3 you rock!

leave comments and listen to "true" it will make your heart beat fast<333

I know when he's been on your mindThat distant look is in your eyes I thought with time you'd realize it's over, overIt's not the way I choose to liveAnd something somewhere's gotta giveAs sharing in this relationship gets older, olderYou know I'd fight for you but how could I fight someone who isn't even thereI've had the rest of you now I want the best of you I don't care if that's not fairCuz I want it allOr nothing at allThere's nowhere left to fallWhen you reach the bottom it's now or neverIs it allOr are we just friendsIs this how it endsWith a simple telephone call You leave me here with nothing at allThere are time it seems to meI'm sharing you with memoriesI feel it in my heart but I don't show it , show itThen there's times you look at meAs though I'm all that you could seeThose times I don't believe it's right I know it , know itDon't make me promises baby you never did know how to keep them wellI had the rest of you now I want the best of you it's time to show and tellCuz I want it allOr nothing at allThere's nowhere left to fallWhen you reach the bottom it's now or neverIs it allOr are we just friendsIs this how it endsWith a simple telephone call You leave me here with nothing at allCuz you and ICould lose it all if you've got no more room No more inside for me in your lifeCuz I want it allOr Nothing at allThere's nowhere left to fallIt's now or neverIs it all Or Nothing at all


[11 Oct 2004|12:43pm]
[ mood | rejuvenated ]

Somethin' in your eyes, makes me wanna lose myself. Makes me wanna lose myself, in your arms. There's somethin' in your voice, makes my heart beat fast. Hope this feeling lasts, the rest of my life♥

monday. bleh. it wasnt that bad though. i wore a low cut shirt so i felt like a big girl and i went to bed at almost 11 :X which by the way (btw) ive done alot this week. im getting really tired all the time though. maybe im just not cut out to be a big girl..time have been interesting. friday nite i went to jackies party thingy, it was really nice. i hung out with people that i dont anymore and it was so refreshing to do it. being with people who i used to spend time with when still being up at 12 without our teeth brushed was being a bigger rebel than the world could handle. maybe im being too hard on them. i mean im not some bad ass slut now. and i didnt outgrow people, i guess times have just changed. it was really fun though. we watched the poltergesit (spelling?) and it was sooooooo fucking scary! ahh and kimmy scared me :( oh well hahaha so my daddy is australia which im so jealous of. why does he get to go back to aussie AGAIN without me. before it was jealousy but now that i really know what im missing it sucks my non exsistant left nut. i wana go to melbourne and visit andrew williams♥ if only i lived in aussie.. i went shopping on saturday with sara, she came home from wisconsin for the weekend and it was so good seeing her and hearing about how awesome college is. i cannot wait. i got some cute new clothes too :) sunday i had work which is sucky becuase im barely awake but cute. i love those kids so much. ok so i passed out folders for them to keep their shit in and on the blackboard i wrote TAKE HOME FOLDER name SL and about 90% of the kids wrote "name" HAHAHHA i could not belive it!!! it was soo funny! i had to be like no noah write YOUR name and they looked at me like i had written hairbrush on the board and told them to write potoato. they also think im so much older and always ask if im married..and if i got drunk last nite. oh second graderss..after that i had my mit class with lindsay. lindsay. you feel like home to me. you really do. i cannot explain. love. oh btw im ditching you for your mom and im breaking up with jason for your dad :) friends have been good. i talk to her now. its been good i guess. im just waiting untilthe point when i know the bs is done and were back. it hasnt happened yet but at least were talking, and its not akward. i made the away message last nite. life is almost back to normal again..except really really not. i dont know if it ever will be, and sadly i know that it really wont be. it cant be. hopefully it will get close..this weekend is gonna be so busy. im so fucking popular! thursday nitezaras bday party, brodsky were gonna party like its 7th grade! haha possibly fun times? >>friday day girls day with brodsky>> friday nite hodins sweet 16>> saturday day sketching up dc with alAson..really girl i cannot wait, you are my baby and i miss you soo much>>saturday nite bbg then napoleon twin partyy>>sunday morning work>>sunday late morning/afternoon bbg! WOW! NO FREE TIME THERE!!!!!!!!! cant wait! must get through this week!♥



[07 Oct 2004|12:17pm]
[ mood | okay ]


Name – Mallory Dana

Nickname(s) – Mall, Sho, Malloronie, mAllary, fake jew, diggity

Birthplace – Potomac, MD

Birth date: August 14th

Age: 15

Current Location – My room

Eye Color – Blue or Green..depends on how they feel

Hair Color – Blonde

Righty or Lefty – Righty but lefty with everything except for writing

Weight – alot less then what i would like it to be

Zodiac Sign – leo

Your Heritage – JEW!!

Shoes You Wore Today – pumas

Your Fears – squirrils, bees, birds that peck on you, someone being behind me, buzzing, someone jumping out and scaring me :(

Your Perfect Pizza – no cheese!


What Did You Do Yesterday? – School and bbg meeting

What Did You Do Today? – School and smoothie king

What Are You Going To Do Tomorrow? school then party

Smoke – fuck no

Take a Shower Everyday – duh..thats like what i stay awake for

Think You've Been in Love – yes

Like High School – hell yeah. did the person who write this ever go to middle school? the work sucks balls tho...

Want To Get Married – yeahh man

Believe in Yourself – sometimes

Think You're Pretty – not especially

Get Motion Sickness – only when im in the car and looking down

Get Along With Your Parents – some of the time.

Like Thunderstorms – only at camp durring storm percedure

Play an Instrument – used to play piano..but then i got a choice

Think You're a Health Freak – about everyone else but myself

Drank Alcohol – ..homecomming

Done A Drug – NEVER

Made Out – :*)

Eaten an Entire Box of Oreo's – ew

Eaten Sushi – YES!

Been on Stage – no

Been Dumped – better not have been! <3jas

Gone Skating – nope

Gone Skinny Dipping – no

Dyed Your Hair – highlights count?

Stolen Anything – from a store..no. from zara..maybe O:)

Age You Hope To Be Married – uhh like 23 ish? i want to be a young pretty bride:)

Numbers and Names of Children – 4..3 girls one boy. (in order from oldest to youngest) merideth bella, holden airy, jaime marin, emmie lena

Describe Your Dream Wedding – theres not enough room. but everything perfect..ahh who am i kiding..it would take days to descibe the dress

How You Want To Die – not in pain

College You Want To Attend – not sure yet..big school

Where Do You Want To Live – in manhattan in a beautiful penthouse apartment above prada and send my kids to ritzy private schools..

Where Would You Most Like To Visit – ive been pretty much everywhere but definitly BORA BORA or hawaii and i need to go to israel(preferably with jilly<3)

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up – fashion consulatant, personal shopper, dietician, nutritionist,

Best Eye Color – blue or pure brown

Short or Long Hair – long enough that it flips out of hats/helmets

Height – no shorter than me..im over that seniors

American or Foreign – AUSTRALIAN

White or Tan – tan

Tattoos – um im not tryna date a biker...

Piercings – um yeah the guy should be interested in GIRLs

Preppy or Punk – PREPPY!

Buff or Skinny – in the middle.. I don’t like too buff.. but I don’t like too skinny either

Best Clothing – jeans and polo shirts is hot :)

Best First Date Location – dinner and a movie?

comment and try it yourself bitchess<3


[04 Oct 2004|02:58pm]
[ mood | tired ]

HOMECOMING 2004 was fucking amazing. theres no way else to put it. getting ready was interesting..considering i had about 2 flippin seconds but it didnt matter (even if im going to have a scar on my foot for the rest of my life since i got like a 3rd degree flat iron burn..thanks lauren) pictures were good and the limo was very very fun and so nice especialy since our limo driver looked like santa! dinner was fun and luckily noone spilled. the dance was so freakn hot! seriously! it felt like i was on the sun in my north face! get some air conditioning GOSH! "after the party is the after party.." so true. incredible fun. halerious times. dancing on the pool table..reserving the back room..spilling everything..scope saving all of us..spiking anything we could get our hands on..calling for pizza/chinese on a play phone..triping over everything..eiffle towering everyone..singing at the tops of our lunges..putting everyone in a twin sandwhich..laughing over the "woottonettes"..and NOT GETTING CAUGHT! hell yeah for stupid parents!

so many more..love all of you!

check out the hot pictures

comment bitches♥


[28 Sep 2004|09:33pm]

arlstar77: musical break while youre away
arlstar77: if you wanna be my lover
arlstar77: gotta get with my friends
arlstar77: make it last forever, friendship never endssss
arlstar77: if you wanna be my lover
arlstar77: you have got to-you have got to gi-i-ive
arlstar77: takin is too easy but thats the way it is!
arlstar77: yooooooooooooo
arlstar77: here's the story from a to z. you wanna get with me-you'd better listen carefully
hottmall14: omg i love you!!!
arlstar77: :-D
arlstar77: seriously imagine if you said that to someone who asked you out
arlstar77: theyd be like, Uhhhh FREAK?!??

seriously! how do you not love this girl?

p.s. alAson is NOT jason spelled backwards


its been a while♥ [28 Sep 2004|05:08pm]
[ mood | working ]

hmm its been a while since ive updated..aka 5 days                                                                                                                             but i made it! 5 whole days without obsesivly updating about stupid stuff and song lyrics! now im an official cool kid! alAson arent you proud? its your fault anyway..you turned me on to this and made it pretty so i wouldnt resist♥

hottmall14: ah i miss your guts
The Bee 98: i miss ur brain
hottmall14: i miss your balls
hottmall14: :-*
The Bee 98: oh babyy;-)
The Bee 98: you should come visit this weekend                                                                                                                                
MISS YOU ABBY!!! and the rest of my lazy roll call♥

yeah so this past little bit has been pretty crazy. i dont really have the energy to write a full desciptive paragraph about it all so here it goes...

  • intermin in fucking french because its an honors class and they have to tell your teachers if you have a C >:0
  • julia getting mono...
  • fasting
  • being a good jew this weekend
  • cosmic bowling till the break of dawnn..awesome nite♥
  • going to bed at a big girl time and beating lauren and michele!
  • waking up a second before i had to leave for school...
  • me: "do they make blue flowers"    jas: "let me go ask G-d"
  • getting 100% and 98% on the past 2 french quizzes :D
  • *stupid things adding up...
  • brown flowers will do, i promise--anything will♥

ok thats enough. alot of stuff went on but who cares haha they arent important.

ok situation. your best friends with someone for as long as you can really remember and then randomly at the end of last year she dumps you for someone else. your life takes a cold hard bitch slap. you try and try to get things back together but she really doesnt seem to give a shit and then a little bit ago you finaly try once and for all to tell her how you feel. she apologizes and exclaims her undying love and how much shes missed you back. she promises to give you an overview of how she feels the next day. then she never calls back and act like nothing has happened. you finally felt like you found your missing piece, eventhough you knew where it was all along you thought it was just confused on where you were. then you get the cold hard bitch slap once again. how would you feel?                                                 ALL OF YOU OUT THERE! HERE THIS! ITS NOT NICE TO STEAL FRIENDS! ESPECIALY WHEN YOU KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN FREINDS FOR LONGER THAN YOU CAN REMEMBER..AND YOU HAVENT EVEN KNOWN HER THAT LONG! DONT GET OBESSESED WITH SOMEONE YOU DIDNT EVEN CARE WAS ALIVE WITH THE YEAR BEFORE! THINK TWICE AND LEAVE PEOPLES LIVES ALONE!!!!! 

ok..well i ♥  the music in the lunchroom. it really makes me feel like were all in a movie. its really fun. yay.                                                     

"My hair is nearly past Stage Two where it can be tied into a pony tail  without runaway strands. Soon it will reach Glorious Stage Three where  I will look like an asian god. But is doing well and still its  wonderful glossy magnificence. "
BeachBabey929: i wonder where she got that
BeachBabey929: prpbably like a staff e-mail he sends out thinkng people miss him, because everyone cared oh so much for him..............NOT!

thanks for being so great* i do i promise i do..


yay for homecoming in 4 days!!! cant wait!*



[23 Sep 2004|09:01pm]



and i am not a little girl!


[23 Sep 2004|03:10pm]
[ mood | drained ]

best friends are forever..right?

arlstar77: like everyone at school ALWAYS see us together and just..it's like an old malloryandallie thing
idk where the malloryandallie things went..i miss it :(

alAson♥i love you beyond belife

Jasoneps: can you give me a shoutout in your next entry
there you are jason! you are my hott stuff add boy! even if you make fun of my tool all the time

gotta get back to my slurpee♥


[22 Sep 2004|05:09pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

hottmall14: now i look like a freakk
arlstar77: a special, special freak

FYI i did not say the stuff about live journals being my life that is just alAson trying to make me look un-cool (she made the last entry)

well anyways hope you like the NEW new look ;)
i did alot of it myself :) ahh im such a machinee

love you word. my savior.


[22 Sep 2004|04:59pm]
hottmall14: OMG AlAson help me...I fucked up my livejournal again!
hottmall14: Come baaaaaack! Ah I need help.
hottmall14: LIVEJOURNAL IS MY LIFE! **
hottmall14: ************
hottmall14: I♥ need♥ help♥ with♥ my♥ colors♥
hottmall14: I want them to be blue,midnight!
hottmall14: WTF***

Oh the life of Mallory...<3,Word

P.S. If your screenname has ever been on here, I'm probably stalking your livejournal, webshots, profile, whatever. Just FYI.

[22 Sep 2004|03:06pm]
[ mood | cranky ]




ok lets try this again.. >:O [21 Sep 2004|06:05pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

hope you like the new look
alAson did it
i love her

PVrocket: MustangQB11: good evening fair maiden
wow. good times. miss you pirate♥

ok well my day sucked. i dont feel like writing the novel i did before giving all the details but basicly::
-had to get up early (not her fault)
-missed most of lunch to take a quiz i failed
-cant retake another quiz i fucked up
-french blows
-had to ride the bus (not his fault)
-lots of homework
-6 flippin word finds
-doing stuff i shoudlnt have done :X

PVrocket: you're like my little venus/serena (they're the same) williams only prettier and without the steroids
<3still love cami<3

AMY! I LOVE YOU!! my dress isnt there but you are still my boo! if anyone does anything more then bitchhhes they better watch their backs yo! XOXO
blahh im so sick of writing

♥kiss and caress me


[21 Sep 2004|06:02pm]



[20 Sep 2004|03:30pm]
[ mood | amused ]

ok so when driving home from school "all the small things" comes on the radio and of course jas and i start belting it and when i come home i make it my away message..
Auto response from hottmall14: always i know you'll be at my show*
so then jason makes it his..
Auto response from jg560: late nite come home work sux i no*

so then EVERYONE makes it theirs..

Auto response from PoLo 128705: She left me roses on the chair**

Auto response from Jasoneps:surprises let me know you care....**

Auto response from LittleDawg14: say it aint so i will not go turn the lights off carry me home*

Auto response from Jasoneps: watching waiting...*

welcome to my life.


you've got me in a spin but everything is A-OK♥ [19 Sep 2004|05:41pm]
[ mood | content ]

fun weekend..4 days :)
its always nice that way even though 1 day was services it was still fun becuase teen service did shit and you got to see all the jew friends

btw happy rosh jews

so this weekend was interesting..hmm dont wana mention any names or anything but yeah court i love you and if your name is jason then you are halerious yay for a great hc to come and everyone else who was probly there well haha yeahh

l ho♥ i missed you baby..never apart//always together

*gooooooootz* i wuv you soo much!! 1 month baby! aint no body got what we got! :D ♥

well cosis is calling my name!

alAson..i havent updated in 2 days so suck a dick and leave me alonE! im cool and i know it bitch!MWAHZERZ!


best possible friday situation. ♥ [17 Sep 2004|09:47am]
[ mood | lazy ]

♥heyy.ok sorry if theres hearts used obsessively but now that i know how to do them i want them everywherrrrrrre

first off. Auto response from JG560: be cool, go to school!
i guess im not cool then :)

my new love is amy landsman.if your not friends with her then start now!shes a good friend until she goes behind your back and steals the love of your life! but i guess i have to get over that, i want whats best for mr.mitt <3 :(

so im not likeing this inbetween weather thats going on now.
its either cold of hot. theres not in between.
so basicly i need to know if i can wear flip flops or not. thats it.
if i cant wear flip flops then break out the sweaters. but if i can then
screw fall/winter. just let me know.
speaking of eccessories..i ♥ my new purse :)

i ♥ courty sooo much. seriously hc better fucking work out! i really wish i could come to yours..im there is spirit babycakes! yay for tonitee and CITs

i miss l ho already. its scary that just thinking about leaving for the weekend made us flip and now that shes gone well i guess im just glad shes not jamie so she can come back in a day. <3 bff ilysfminh♥

@ meliss's i made 2 new mixes and they are amazing. its like 2 cds w. 20 songs each that just have all my favorite songs. i love that feeling. knowing that you dont have to search for music. ah :)

well im gonna go running since its been months since ive tried that shit and since im not doing anything better..why not? hc is soon anyways

♥fake jew

hopefully my uncle bondage can be over napoleon dynamite :D


[16 Sep 2004|04:41pm]
[ mood | jewish ]

arlstar77: ok this is really random but
hottmall14: your having michael jacksons baby and you dont know what to name it..lawonda or shaniqua rachel
arlstar77: wouldn't it be fun to kill someone on Rosh Hashanah because then right as you stick the gun to their forhead you could say "L'shana Tova, bitch" and then shoot them?
arlstar77: ...or am i just being scary
hottmall14: LOL!!!!!!
arlstar77: and you're not really supposed to kill someone on rosh hashanah because your REPENTING for your sins
hottmall14: LOL
hottmall14: thats totally why it wouldnt be ok
hottmall14: only for that reason though
arlstar77: lol haha im laughing out loud
hottmall14: hahah me too
arlstar77: i was just thinking about that and i really wanted to tell someone
hottmall14: haha ok
arlstar77: oh but back to your question
arlstar77: i kind of like lawonda


L'SHANA TOV Y'ALL! [16 Sep 2004|10:07am]
[ mood | happy ]

happy new year my jews!
yay for no school..say thank you non-jews becuase while your off seeing movies and going to the mall aka doing homework were at services and eating apples dipped in honey (yum)

im really sad jilly couldnt come down b.c of school and shit but its ok because we'll make it and we will see eachoter soon..its not an option. i love our talks babe and really, family or not friends first always. not just family♥

so im really happy becuase i dont have to go to school for the rest of the week becuase serices today and then tomorrow i get to spend the day with my super cool (and our new best friend haha jilly) uncle :D YAY!!

all this jewish stuff is making me miss camp too. and being at meliss's last nite and hearing all the camp stories..plus being the profile stalker that i am (and i know you are too) seeing all the ST2k4 writting obsessively but its not just that. its the lazy roll call that gets me. when i see abbys jesses or alAsons..i miss you more than ever, the senior show video made me realize how much parts of camp SUCKED but seeing our arms occasionaly since we were blocked behind the huge wooden beam made me realize how much it wasnt about the acutal camp that weve all been living at for so many summers.

anywayssss ive been really good at updating my pictures so if anyone wants too see themselves of if your a weird lj stalker that got this from looking through 3 different peopole profiles and winding up with my sn from a ditzy quote i said then meet me and my life ;)

meliss's last nite was fun..i hope everything works out with you know who babe..ill see you in about an hour but really its scary how much we know about everything..but i guess that what you get when you were there when i was born..dont go to college unless you take me with you. icant handle the parents on my own :(

ahh homecomming details are all worked out. yay. its gonna be so much fun and i really cannot wait. its kinda nice not having to get grey hairs over being dateless too*

*1 month already..♥

alrite i need to go be jewish and shower then hit up beth ami..your welcome

♥fake jew


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